Nicole Everson

Photo of Nicole Everson

Council Chair

Nicole Everson
(Deaf-Blind Member)

(term expires 7-1-17 )


What serving on the Council means to me:

Above all, serving on the Council, will mean that those citizens of our state who either are living with hearing difficulties themselves, or are trying to make life easier for those who do, will know that I understand. I have lived with Usher Syndrome (deafness combined with deteriorating eyesight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa) my entire life. They will know that I am a proud mother of two children ages 7 and 10 (and completely engaged in their daily lives); I serve as a fundraising co-coordinator and previously 2 years as President PTA; I serve as a chairperson for the Vision Walk of Wisconsin (sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness); I serve on the Wisconsin Board for the Deaf/Blind Technical Assistance Program; and I am a full-time student obtaining my Vocational Rehabilitation Degree.

Goals for the Council and for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind community:

I hope to be able to impress upon others that our individual disabilities need not define us. It is an irony of life that the very disabilities that have made life challenging for me, and my family, these past 30+ years, make me uniquely positioned to make a difference. It is important for those who are dealing with a hearing loss to know that the loss, no matter the extent of loss, is not the ‘end of the world’. Having a voice on this Council, the deaf and hard of hearing, will know that someone who understands, will be advocating for them on a statewide basis; they will know that I want others to be aware of the various challenges that we face; I want them to know that we, the hard of hearing, are not looking for pity, rather we are looking for a level playing field. Instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I continue to look for ways to make a difference and I firmly believe that the Council can do that; I feel, strongly, that I can help the Council in making that difference.