Tom O'Connor

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Tom O'Connor
(Member at Large)

(Term expires 7-1-19)



What serving on the Council means to me:

It is an honor to serve on the Council. Being a born Hard of Hearing person and interacting with other Hearing Impaired and Deaf people has made me aware of the trials and tribulations that we all face.

Being on the Council will help me interact with other members and addressing the concerns and issues that all hearing impaired face in the day to day life. This will help me in finding resources and initiate interaction with the various agencies and those needing the services. It is my belief that the Council will be an advocate for those that to be made aware of choices and resources.

Goals for the Council and for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind community:

This Council is facing many goals that has been established and currently are receiving requests to be added to the list which contains in no particular order: Support ODHH (Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing), eliminate corrnnunication gaps and provide services for those not being met by ODHH, work on DVR (Department for Vocational Rehabilitation) issues related to the Deaf and Hard ofHearing, increase support for ILC (Independent Living Centers), increase  corrnnunication to other agencies and its constituents, increase legislative activity, increase awareness  in regards to cochlear implants, loop systems, qualified interpreters, t-coils in hearing aids, assistive devices and other services.

Many other ideas and concerns are being discussed as we meet with each other and meet with others that we are representing.