Steve Smart

Photo of Steve Smart

Steve Smart
(Member At Large)

(term expires 7-1-19)


What serving on the Council means to me:

Serving on the Council for the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing means that I have the opportunity to role up my sleeves and effect positive change in our state.  I am honored to work in this collaborative role in effort of continuing to make our state more accessible and informed about issues that impact the D/deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind communities.  I firmly believe that my role is to work with and for the D/deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf/blind individuals that lead these efforts.

Goals for the Council and for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind community:

My overall goal for the Council is that this state will be more informed about issues that matter to the D/deaf, hard or hearing, and deaf/blind communities.  I hope the work we do on this Council will result in advancements toward equality in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for D/deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf/blind communities in Wisconsin.